Benteke FIFA 16 upgrade for Liverpool FC

As Liverpool FC close in on the confirmed Benteke transfer this morning, we wanted to look ahead to the launch of FIFA 16 and think about the prospect of EA giving Benteke an official FIFA 16 player upgrade.

EA always looks at the past season in review and then takes into account player performances before deciding who gets an upgrade for the new season.

Despite being injured for a large part of the season, Benteke was still in fine form and managed to get two in-form cards to his name bringing his overall rating up to an 82 from 80.

Usually when players receive multiple in-forms the past season they are in line for an upgrade. It would make sense to boost Benteke’s rating to 82 by default in FIFA 16 as a result of this and we can see that many other players feel the same way.


We will probably see some of the upgrades live once the FIFA 16 demo is available. If Liverpool are one of the available teams then we should be able to see if Benteke has been upgraded or not.

Until then though, we can only speculate. Let us know your thoughts on an upgrade for Benteke in FIFA 16 FUT and if you agree that an 82 would be fair.

What other Premiership player upgrades can you think of that would be a certainty for EA to make?



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