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Marvel Future Fight August update with Dr Strange

It looks like we have some more juicy information to share with regards to the next Marvel Future Fight update, which we previously told you would be happening at the end of July.

Netmarble confirmed this themselves at Comic Con recently, saying that the update will bring co-op to the game which we are assuming will turn out to be via Villain Siege multiplay mode.

What we didn’t hear from Netmarble though is what new characters will be coming. Thanks to a new image leak, it looks like Enchantress and Dr Strange will be next to arrive and they could both be Universal class.

It’s important to remember that these images are exactly the same as the image we saw in this old leak which implied that Red Hulk, Dr Strange, Enchantress and Sandman would be coming to the game.


Now we know that Red Hulk was true all along, plus the in-game art was accurate so there’s a fairly good chance that the above image showing Enchantress and Dr Strange is real too.

Sandman isn’t pictured though, so is he being saved until later this year or will he turn out to be the next daily check-in hero after Red Hulk?

With Dr Strange coming to the game, we also hear demands for Netmarble to add Dormammu too – that would be nice if it happened.

Personally though, we say the less new characters the better at the moment as it is getting to a point where there are so many characters to level up and this obviously means more energy consumed a day.

What are your thoughts on Dr Strange and Enchantress as Universal heroes in Future Fight? Which other heroes would you like to see join them – Lady Thor perhaps?



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