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Galaxy S7 Edge could incorporate PS Vita rear touch controls

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge brought with it a feature that added touch features to one side of its design, and the Galaxy S6 Edge took things a little further by adding even more controls to its edges. However, Samsung could take things to the next level if a recent patent is anything to go by.

If Samsung does go ahead with its new patent, then we could see the Galaxy S7 Edge incorporate rear touch controls similar to the PS Vita. Sony used this kind of tech so that users were able to interact more with the device – I’m just not certain if it would work on a smartphone.

Samsung has not made any official announcement in regard to the use of this backside touch control on any of its future devices, but next year’s Galaxy S7 Edge is a good bet, especially if it wants to offer users something different and stay ahead of the game.

Galaxy S7 Edge rear touch controls

HTC made the mistake of being too conservative in its M9 design, so surely Samsung will not make a similar mistake with its flagship smartphones early next year?

Such a feature could also be used on future Samsung tablets, although there is also the possibility that the South Korean company could even build even larger smartphones because people would be able to use one hand to control larger devices because of the use of rear touch controls.

We know that when you have a phablet you have to stretch your thumb across the screen in order to access certain controls. However, rear touch controls would be able to solve that issue.

Would you welcome rear touch controls, and do you think it would make it easier when using larger smartphones?



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