Arkham Knight PC update coming sooner than Fall

We finally have some good news for PC owners of Batman Arkham Knight. As most of you know, PC sales of the game are suspended with Warner Bros taking action after widespread complaints over performance issues.

It was thought that the PC version wouldn’t be fixed until sometime in the Fall after comments from retailers, but now Warner Bros has released an update to say that a patch will arrive much sooner.

As soon as next month, you’ll be pleased to hear. A new Batman Arkham Knight PC patch is coming in August and has been described as an interim patch which Rocksteady are working on in their attempts to get the PC version fully playable to match console versions.


For those that have forgotten what Rocksteady will be looking at, you can check back at the targeted improvements over on Steam here.

Finally some good news for PC owners who are still very frustrated over this. Let us know your thoughts on the patch coming in August and we’ll let you know when we have an exact release date for you.



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