WWE 2K16 roster with new Undertaker

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2015

We are building up to the full reveal of the WWE 2K16 roster list, with 2K expected to update the official website with a list of all characters coming to the game.

Now, one wrestler that could be up for inclusion is The Undertaker. For those who watch WWE TV, will know that Undertaker just returned at WWE Battleground 2015.

It looks like he is going after Brock Lesnar again after Brock infamously ended his streak at Wrestlemania.

More importantly though, does Undertaker coming back before the launch of WWE 2K16 suggest that he will be a playable character on the main roster, rather than DLC or a legend?


We can see that a lot of fans are wondering the same thing and are constantly asking 2K if Undertaker is in WWE 2K16 or not.

We now know that Undertaker won’t be on the cover of WWE 2K16 as that honor has gone to Stone Cold Steve Austin instead. However, is it now a certainty that we’ll see Undertaker in some specialist matchups to entice fans into a purchase?

A buried Alive match with Kane would be one way to draw attention, while 2K could even go down the route of featuring a special legends career path which showcases some of Undertaker’s most famous matches in history.

What are your thoughts on the return of the Undertaker and what ideas would you have for him in WWE 2K16?

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  • alaneatsdumps

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    I took a steam dump in alan ng mouth last night!

  • Derek Monick

    Dump Article to say or question that the Undertaker is not in WWE 2k 16 is a joke of course will be in the game it would be a very big problem if he wants it of course she’s going to be in the game it would be a shame if you wasn’t and it would probably hurt the sales

  • jeremy

    wwe needs to add buried alive match,casket match, last ride match in it and the classic survivor series and kotr match, also the undertaker wm matches jimmy superfly snuka, jake roberts, kamala, sid justice, disel,hbk,triple h,kane should all be apart of undertakers matches,king kong bundy,kama, yokozuna,also they need to add mr pefect,lod,demolition,the rockers, the hart foundation,the natural diasters,the british bulldogs,nwo,dx,hart foundation stable, money inc,jimmy hart,bobby heenan,andre the giant,bam bam bigelow,rowdy roddy piper,superfly jimmy snuka,greg the hammer valentine,the honky tonk man, all the true legends of the 1990s need to be in it not the rock,austin, dont waste spots on garbage characters, add the older wwf stars the ones us older folks grew up with unless wwe is going to make a true old school wrestling game lie wrestlefest. with the older stars who made wwe what it is today.they paved the way for the wwe now its time for them to acknowledge the true stars of the 1990s.

    • IrnBruGuru

      I’d be happy with match options making a return for current gen, with a roster as big as 120 not including the duplicates you know it’s gonna have a fair share of legends and nxt included.

      Would love 8 man tags to debut this year but I doubt that will happen, but it’s looking promising this year I’m just hoping the create an arena is back as well as create a diva, create a finisher (if it does more damage) and a better universe and mycareer.