Witcher 3 1.07 update notes with 7GB shock

CD Projekt Red has finally deployed the highly anticipated Witcher 3 1.07 patch bringing some major changes to all platforms. The big talking point though is the install time as console gamers over the weekend had to delete a lot of data in order to install a Witcher 3 7GB update.

That has to be one of the biggest post-release patches we’ve ever seen in terms of file size. As far as we’re aware, the patch was over 7GB on all platforms and 7.5GB specifically on PS4.

As a result, many of you will be looking for the Witcher 1.07 patch notes in full and we can now bring them to you to see if the update size is justified or not.


There are a vast amount of changes to read through, such as a quest fix for Now or Never quest in relation to the Kingfisher Tavern, fixes for incorrect encumbrance glitches and much more.

CD Projekt Red has detailed the full list of changes in The Witcher 3 after the July 2015 patch so take a while to read through everything and give us your reaction to it.

Has your Witcher 3 experience improved tenfold after installing this monster patch or not? Are any of you actually upset that the file size was so big?



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