Xur selling Gjallarhorn July 17, Bungie removed rumor

By Alan Ng - Jul 17, 2015

As most of you will have heard by now, Xur is not selling a weapon today for July 17. As far as we’re aware this is the first time this has ever happened since launch.

The big speculation going around at the moment, is that RNGesus finally blessed players with the Gjallarhorn, but since Bungie removed (initially a fairy tale) the powerful rocket launcher from the loot table it showed up as a blank slot in Xur’s inventory today.

This seems like a likely explanation as why else would Xur not have a weapon for the first time? It also answers the long-running debate if true that Bungie did take the Gjallarhorn away from players in fear that it would ruin the Crucible if everyone got their hands on it.


Remember that this drama is coming straight after the news earlier today that the Gjallarhorn itself will be the subject of a big nerf once Bungie deploys the next major Destiny 2.0.0 update.

Bungie are said to be investigating the incident, but we’ll keep you updated with what happens. Some are saying it’s simply a Xur glitch, but we think the Gjallarhorn rumor is a lot more plausible.

Give us your thoughts on this below – are you frustrated about this?

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  • Collin Stockwell

    Why cant they just put another weapon in xurs inventory?

  • Caapian X

    I agree with tuxedo. I’m holding off bungie has been a little retarded. I’ve defended them for a long time but all the bs with the taken king was the straw for me. And for the trollers. I currently have or have had every exotic including gally. I worked hard and got them. It’s not about being spoon fed. I just expect a game worth my money. And let’s face it the dark below was a joke. This guy solo’d the entire raid as have many others. 20 bucks for three missions a strike and a broken raid? More than all of that the lies. Constant lies. Nah the expansions aren’t already on the disk. Bull crap bungie stop trying to insult the intelligence of your player base. Just be honest most of us would’ve have taken the shaft a little better if you told the truth. Come back in a year or so with a full game worth the dollars we work hard for.

  • james

    F u bungie im done with destiny and done bungie

    • Yay, don’t let the door hit your a$$ on the way out, whiner.

      • Dom

        Stfu Juan its little bitches like you that allow money grabing ripoffs like Bungie has been doing to its fans ever since Destiny came out to happen because they know dumbads kids like you will throw your not hard earned parents money at them.

  • Ryan

    Luckily I got gallly from the nightfall

    • Joshua B

      I got it from crucible!!

  • Ryan

    He best sell something good next week or bungie will be getting a very mean tweet

  • Joshua B

    Bungie better give us two decent exotics next week.

  • TuxedoCartman

    It’s not often you see a company trying so hard to actively drive their product into the ground, but that’s what Bungie is doing. I was excited after seeing the Taken King initial trailer, but with the way Bungie has handled… well, EVERYTHING… in the weeks since, I’m holding off purchasing. Maybe… big maybe… I’ll pick it up after I talk with some friends who are getting it, and see if they think it’s worthwhile.

    • Destiny is brilliant the way it is. Just because you don’t get spoon-fed every single weapon/armor doesn’t mean Bungie bungled anything.

      • Deej McDeejy Pants

        Okay dude, you’re right. Destiny is the greatest thing ever and Bungie are such a wonderful company that has never failed to live up to their promises. They are the fairest of them all.

  • Tucker Muirhead

    I am getting tired of spending so many hours of my time just to do the raids, POE and nightfall three time just to get screwed over by the rewards system. Don’t even talk about that update that’s coming out. I hate how the hand cannons are getting nerfed. Then, I am trying to get “The best rocket launcher in the game” and it seems as if the game hates me. I am almost tempted to not buying the taken king and I might just trade in destiny.

    • Joshua B

      It doesn’t matter why there’s no weapon what matters is there IS NO WEAPON!

    • Boo-Hoo