GTA Online Prison Break Heist 2x GTA$ live

We have a reminder to all GTA V owners now, as the previously advertised 2X GTA$ for GTA Online Heists is now live with the Prison Break Heist.

Simply head into game, complete this Heist with your friends and earn double GTA Money as well as double RP until Sunday July 19.

For those asking how to unlock the Prison Break Heist in GTA Online, remember that you first need to complete the 2-player Fleeca Bank set-up Heist.


On top of the Prison Break Heist bonuses, Rockstar are also giving some further treats such as 25% discounts on selected properties from Dynasty 8 – including Eclipse Towers.

If you take part in activities such as the Flight School and the Armored Trucks, you’ll gain double Rockstar Points as well so it really is worth putting some hours into GTA Online this weekend.

Full details of the event can be seen here. Let us know how you are getting on with the Prison Break Heist so far and how much money you have managed to make since double GTA cash was activated.



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