Xur selling Celestial Nighthawk but no weapon

By Alan Ng - Jul 17, 2015

It’s that time again, where we look at what Xur is selling this week. We have just under 3 hours to go before the Agent of the Nine arrives in the tower for July 17 – so what does Xur have for us today?

We will be letting you know the minute he is live, as you can head on over to Xur’s map location once he spawns.

Last week Xur sold Plan C which was the first time that we had seen this exotic fusion rifle for a number of months.

What are you hoping to see this time around? For those looking for Xur inventory predictions for July 17, we can show you some last minute info on what some players believe will be sold.


One video that we have included below believes that Xur will have the Nothing Manacles, Bones of Eao and the Ruin Wings Titan gauntlets.

While another video goes the opposite way and predicts Helm of Inmost Light, Mask of the Third Man, The RAM House of Wolves helmet and the one and only Ice Breaker sniper rifle.

Once Xur is live we will update this with the official list of items that Xur is selling today. Until then, let us know your last minute predictions and whether you think Xur will have some more goodies from House of Wolves for us.

Update: Xur is live and he is selling the Celestial Nighthawk from House of Wolves!

Other items include the Helm of Inmost Light and the Sunbreakers. The big surprise though is that he doesn’t have a weapon – is this the first time that this has ever happened?

Give us your thoughts on this below as we know many of you are asking the same question on why Xur isn’t selling a weapon for July 17.

Time to give some answers Bungie!

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  • bananaLOL

    I just wanna say i got the gjallerhorn 1st try at prison of elders lv28 queen chest along with her mercy, am i the luckiest guy alive. But why the hell is he not selling a god damn gun, the last word is used alot and now bungie is making it harder for people to get it. They are making the crucible terrible and spliting the player base into 2, those who have the last word and those who don’t

  • HelpIlostMyName

    Maybe he will sell all weapons next week.

  • Sam Rob

    Where’s the weapon xur? Bungie keeps letting me down. I finally get a gally and what do they do? Nerf it! Along with every other good hand cannon! DONE!

  • Alec Peterson

    Bunch of bull

  • Alec Peterson

    Change it up a little bungie

  • Gabw444

    Way to go destiny we keep trying to hold on hope for u but then u screw us here with xur and no gun. I better get 5 gallahorns of the next weekly an heroic strikes.

  • conspiracyguy

    he sold the gjallarhorn but didn’t appear as bungie removed it

    • KnightWhoSaysNi

      Guessing? If that were the case, how would you know?

      • Mason McDonald

        His name is conspiracyguy so I bet he is guessing lol

  • X1 GT: Vocaloid Mayu

    All I want is a damn Icebreaker and the weapon I get instead usually soothes me for another 6 days until Xur is back to hopefully sell one. What a let down. I’m sure this is a bug..

    • Commentingguy

      I Finnaly got a g horn doing normal crota and now I’m hunting for the ice breaker as well but I didn’t play the game the first time he sold it and it seems like xur will never sell it either, this no weapon stuff better not be her next week

  • Tom sailers

    I’m so sick of destiny and bungie. Constantly thinking of ways to screw over the fan base. This with the news of the incoming nerf to all good weapons is infuriating. The gallijhorn having wolf pack rounds reduced greatly ice breaker taking 8 seconds instead of 5 so that we can sit longer… all hand cannons reduced range damage accuracy, pulse rifles damage reduction, and now they make us wait a week to deny us our favorite part of xur? Screw you destiny, you and your RNG which from Crota normal 3 times and on hard 3 times with death singer 3 times on hard as well, including Gorgons, templar and ATHEON on hard not forgetting 3 Nightfalls, only giving me shards? I’m sick of this game and it’s gambling tactics, I’d rather play a real casino.

  • THEgreenLEMONS

    I was so looking forward to the weapon too, I didn’t really care about the exotic armor as I’m level 34… What a let down.

  • KnightWhoSaysNi

    No weapon this week? Or is something cooking (i.e. selling at the top of each hour only for a few minutes…)?

  • sam43

    ok I’m really confused.. where is xur’s weapon today??