Xbox One August 2015 update preview starts

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2015

We have some good news for Xbox One owners now, especially those that are lucky enough to have access to the Xbox One Preview Program.

We have confirmation that the first part of the Xbox One August 2015 update is now rolling out and we have the initial Xbox One August 2015 update notes to share.

Unfortunately, there’s no new features in the Xbox One August 2015 update first wave as Microsoft has said that there are only ‘minor changes’ that users won’t even see their side – in other words, they are making some changes server side which will prepare for future updates.


There is however some known issues mentioned in the August update and they include Mass Effect Backwards Compatibility, Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset and Xbox Fitness – details of which can be found here.

It goes without saying that Microsoft will be bringing more features in the August update in the weeks to come – we’ll let you know when that happens.

In the meantime, if you still looking for how to join the Xbox One Preview Program – you may want to leave your gamertag details below so that members can invite you.

What are you personally hoping to see from actual Xbox One August 2015 update features?

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  • Naveed Kazi

    Please invite me to preview programme your help much appreciated.

    GT: enter th dragon

  • Andym

    Please invite me to preview programme gt Magic Milli much appreciated

  • JC9248

    An invite would be awesome! Thanks!

    GT: JimboJones370

  • Bruce Link

    Fsisllyme please send preview invite to this gamer tag

  • AndrewSy

    Gamertag: DoofenSy
    I would like to be a part of the program if anyone could invite me

  • Roberto Marin

    Gt: PerilousEntree3
    Would appreciate a lot to be invited, thanks!

  • Stuart Kirk

    Gamertag kirky57
    I am a preveiw member
    I will invite
    I work so please be patiant
    Add me and mesage me

  • BrentWorth Thorin Martin

    Been trying to get in for months now. Have a friend that got in and he’s being smug and wont invite me. I’ve been in previous previews and betas on the 360, time for me to try out the xbones preview. I’ll reciprocate if I can. GT: VohxdaFox

  • Ivan Mikuljan

    hey can someone invite me to the preview program? My Gamertag is kickersivan89



  • Logan Yablonski

    I would love it if somwone could invite me.

  • peter donofrio

    precookedfish80 please invite me, Thank you

  • Jeremy Peterson

    Peacefrog454. Please invite me. Thanks!

    • Stuart Kirk

      stuthepsyco add then mesage me

  • Stuart Kirk

    stuthepsyco add me then mesage me i work alot so you will need to be patiant

  • anthony sexton

    can you invite me, my GT is , wigglysolution

  • Bradley Robinson

    gamertag: echobravo964

  • Frank Kavanagh

    I know I sound desperate, but I’ve been waiting a very long time for someone to invite me, starting to feel like the last kid to be picked for kickball, PLEASE!!!!

    • Stuart Kirk

      stuthepsyco add me send me a msg and i will invite u tomorrow

  • Aimee McKay


  • metalhead0015

    If anybody needs an invite to the preview program add me on xbox or if you just wanna play some games i play fps all the way to rpgs. Note… please dont spam me with messages i will get to you all as soon as possible

    • Swissbreaker

      Can’t find your username. Please add me: Swissbreaker

    • Bradley Robinson

      Nor can I find you. My name is echobravo964. Please add me.

    • BrentWorth Thorin Martin

      What’s your GT? Even if I don’t get into the preview, I always need more people for parties. Gt: VohxdaFox

  • Colt Dufrene

    GT – Coltifus

  • James Mence

    Can someone pls invite me to preview muppithunter1

  • It should be about the games

    Gamertag: Unholy Muppet

  • aaron holt

    Gamertag: Holtei1