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Java 8 update 45 expires for 51, already has issues

The Java 8 update 45 expired on Tuesday, July 14th to make way for the next critical patch update 51, or 1.8.0_51-b16 version number 8u51, as it is correctly known. However, do not get too excited about this latest version, as there are already issues, and it’s only been two days since its release.

We would assume that Java would try to rush out a hot fix for update 51 due to the problem, which we will look at in a moment. However, we will tell you that the major update after version 51 will be released on October 20, 2015, as this is when it is scheduled for. We also know that support for this latest version ends on November 20, 2015. For the entire Java 8 update 51 release notes, you need to head to the Oracle website.

Jave 8 update 51 fixes

It was only the day after version 51 was released that the cracks started to show. Oracle had said that this new Java update fixed 25 vulnerabilities, although some of these have been exploited once again. This is turning out to be another Flash Player scenario, as the platform is getting on a bit, and we are not too sure as to how many people actually use Java these days?

From the 25 vulnerabilities that had been fixed in Java update 51, 23 can be exploited once again. More specific details on these exploits can be found on

Have you downloaded and installed Java 8 update 51 yet, and if so have you encountered any issues?



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