Life is Strange Episode 4 update from developer

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2015

We have an update to bring you on the status of the highly anticipated Life is Strange Episode 4 release date on PS4, Xbox One and of course PC!

The developers for the game know that many fans were expecting the game to drop this week – despite not even giving a solid time for release.

Thankfully though, the team at Dontnod Entertainment have responded and have given fans an update on the status of the next episode.

We can tell you that Episode 4 is now in the final stages of development, with the developers putting the final touches to the content and promising that it will be the most ambitious episode yet.


More importantly, more news is coming as soon as possible according to the developers – so hopefully that implies that a release could still be coming in July.

While it is not the launch as we all want, it’s nice of the developers to take to Twitter and give everyone a status update to put their minds at ease.

Let us know your thoughts on the wait and if you are ok with holding on a little further knowing that it is going to be amazing when launched.

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  • Jens Hansen

    I am okay with it and I know it will certainly be worth waiting for. Just focus on making yet another awesome episode please 🙂

  • Vegas Sim

    Perhaps the PC version is ready and what they are talking about is the possibility that the OTHER formats, such as PS4 and Xbox are still being worked on. So they could in-fact, possibly release the PC version, but will not, since it would not be fair to those who have PS4 and Xbox, etc.

    • Oh Sean

      Wait, where on here does it say the PC version is ready; waiting for the console’s?

      • Vegas Sim

        Notice I said the word “Perhaps?”

  • Sophia Hart

    It’s for PC too.

  • MJ Carranza

    It’s not exclusively ps4 and xboxone, don’t scare people like that!

  • Roman Snow