Lenovo FLEX 10 notebook review roundup

By Peter Chubb - Jul 15, 2015

While the Lenovo FLEX 10 notebook has been discontinued this does not mean there are not places stocking this model, and we have found one today thanks to the Amazon Prime Day deals currently running. The good news is, this deal is running for several hours, and so gives consumers a chance to look over a few Lenovo FLEX 10 to see if they should buy it or not.

Having said that, the new Lenovo FLEX 10 notebook price of £129.99 in the UK instead of £179.99 is one way to convince you. Ok, so we know the specs are not going to impress you too much, but the 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM and 320GB hard drive are more than adequate. That is not all, as this comes with Windows 8.1, so will up able to upgrade the Lenovo FLEX 10 to Windows 10 later this month.

Lenovo FLEX 10 notebook price

The best place to find a Lenovo FLEX 10 review roundup would be on Amazon UK, the very place offering this great deal. This is because they have come from customers that have bought one of these notebooks, and so are able give us their honest hands-on opinion. We have also embedded a couple of reviews below as well.

There are good and positives from what we can see, such as not being able to upgrade the RAM, only one USB port and too much junk software pre-installed. The good news is even though this is only a small device, the key spacing is pretty good, as is the display quality.

We know this notebook is not going to win any awards for its performance and speed, but we are sure the latest price reduction will make it a worthwhile purchase.

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