Amazon Prime Day $115 40-inch TV missing

By Alan Ng - Jul 15, 2015

As we expected, most of you have stayed up late to catch the opening of the Amazon Prime Day deals. Unfortunately though, one of the biggest attractions was the $115 40-inch 1080p TV for Amazon Prime Day but it looks like it is missing at the moment and isn’t available to buy.

We can already see that some of you are going crazy on social media, wondering where the $115 40-inch TV is on Amazon’s Prime Day deals website as everyone is saying that they cannot find it.

We certainly can’t see it, so we can only assume that Amazon will be adding it later on in the day when consumers are fully connected during peak hours to maximize sales potential.


While we would understand this, the frustrating aspect of course is that there was no advance warning of this, meaning that some consumers would have stayed up for nothing.

We know that many of you only wanted that TV above all other Amazon Prime Day deals, so it is disappointing that the TV is missing from the website right now.

Can you find the $115 40-inch TV on Amazon’s website? If not, are you angry that Amazon didn’t give shoppers a heads-up? We will update you as soon as the listing is live.

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  • Alex M

    Are you talking about the 40in TV? I don’t see it in my missed deals?

  • Michael Clifford

    Complete scam……sold out in less than 3 ms…. This is what showed up when trying to immediately add to cart on 1GB connection:

    “0% Claimed

    Quantity: 1
    This deal is sold out”
    Amazon has really hurt its image with a lot of people…

  • KLE

    Yes, I too, like many others, stayed up all night waiting for the 40″ TV….. So now it will probably show up while I am at work and not able to be watching amazon!!!! This is very disappointing – bad move Amazon – read the many posts online – you may have been trying to get new customers with this sale but sounds like you may have lost several of your existing customers in the process…..

  • Alexa Thompson

    Not cool!

  • hattip

    we’ve all been trolled by amazon it’s almost 4am too .. LOL.