Is Twitter down today on July 14?

Update: It would seem that Twitter is back up now, but for how long?

We’ve have been trying to get on Twitter for the past 20 minutes and it looks as though Twitter is down on July 14, 2015. We are not too certain how long the service will be down for and what the issue is, although we hope to offer some insight very soon.

Is Twitter down today has been something that many of our readers have been asking, and the easy answer to that question is yes, although we do not know if it is specific to any country; so we do not know if Twitter is down in the US, but we know it is in the UK.

Is Twitter down today

We don’t yet know if there is any planned Twitter maintenance today, or if the service has any server issues that needs to be updated, and with no news updates from Twitter, we will just have to play the waiting game.

The only message we get at the moment is that the Twitter page failed to open. We hope to offer more details as it comes in, but for now we have to keep seeing if Twitter is back up.



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