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Intex 2111-FHD TV price in India justifies specs

If you reside in India and are on the look out for a new 21-inch TV at a price that falls below Rs. 10,000, then you might want to consider the Intex 2111-FHD television, as it could be just what you are looking for. Ok, so we know the specs are not going to blow your mind, but for the price, they are still impressive.

The Intex 2111-FHD TV price in India is just Rs. 9,990 and so makes this a very affordable TV, and it will be hard to find a rival TV that offers this much in terms of features, and price.

Intex 2111-FHD TV specs

We already told you that its screen size is 21 inches and that it comes with a Full HD display, and believe it or not, even though small, this is still one of the most popular TV sizes in India.

The TV features a 16.7 million-color display, making it ideal for watching some of those colorful Bollywood movies. The details being displayed will be so sharp, allowing you to immerse yourself, although some may feel doing this on a 21-inch screen is a little tough.

People will no doubt head to the website below and run a LED-2111 FHD vs. LED-2202 FHD comparison seeing as though they are very similar in price, and we can tell you that the latter model does have the edge, although you will have to pay Rs. 2,700 more for the privilage.

You can see the full set of Intex 2111-FHD TV features by visiting



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