Boogeyman in WWE 2K16 roster confirmed

By Alan Ng - Jul 14, 2015

We have an update on the WWE 2K16 roster list for you and it is exciting news. The Boogeyman in WWE 2K16 appears to have been confirmed, as the Boogeyman himself has taken to Twitter to reveal his inclusion before anywhere else.

Take a look at the Twitter account of The Boogeyman, who posted minutes ago saying ‘Boogeyman WWE 2K16 make some noise, WWE Universe’.

We’re assuming that this means he is in the roster, although some are saying that Boogeyman is using social media to convince the likes of Triple H and Vince McMahon to put him in the game.


Nothing speaks louder than social media these days so either way if he isn’t confirmed yet he probably will be based on the feedback after Boogeyman’s Tweet.

Meanwhile the official WWE 2K16 roster website still hasn’t been created by 2K yet as there’s no tab for fans to check the WWE 2K16 roster yet – only WWE 2K14 and WWE 2K15.

Hopefully this is coming very soon as most just want to know who is going to be playable before they pre-order.

As we wait for more details on the Boogeyman rumor, let us know your reaction to the Tweet above and if you would be happy for this cult star to take up a playable slot.

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  • lots mARIE

    i think he deserves it i love the boogeyman he is my favorite wrestler aside from shawn michaels and yeah plz let him in he was in the royal rumble this year he absolutely deserves it he has been doing a lot with wwe lately and if he was in other wwe games why cant he be in this one?

  • john hernandez

    Yes please let it be confirmed by wwe2k or triple h lol…im the boogeyman and im coming to get’cha!!!! Lol p.s will Batista be in wwe2k16?

  • Curtis Schultz

    absolutely love the boogeyman hope he is in the game, just so i can team him with Taker, Wyatt and Kane the ultimate faces of fear

  • jeremy

    nope honky tonk man, jake roberts,lod,demolition, mr perfect, the hart foundation, the britsih bull dogs, owen hart, macho man randy savage,bob backlund all deserve it more

    • Zakrih Crossley

      Sure they do