Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 hype after Comic Con 2015

By Alan Ng - Jul 13, 2015

Out of the various game-related announcements at Comic Con 2015, we do have some interesting news for Marvel fans who are still waiting to see a confirmed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date in the near future.

While we sadly didn’t get a confirmation of the game yet, Marvel Games producer Mike Jones did say at SDCC 2015 that Marvel are still ‘very much focused’ on delivering console games in the future.

Jones added that while it takes longer to materialise compared to say mobile games such as Marvel Future Fight which is very popular right now, they could be making a console announcement next year.


Additionally, a Tweet from The Daily Superhero suggests that a ‘smirk’ was seen from Marvel when specifically asked if Ultimate Alliance 3 was on the way.

For us, we still find it hard to believe that it hasn’t been announced yet. It is easy money all day long after the popularity of the first two games, so let’s hope that the delay is only because Marvel want to take their time finding the right developer first – avoiding mistakes of the past.

We’ve already spoken about the need to see Ultimate Alliance 3 many times, but hopefully the next console game that Mike Jones was referring to at Comic Con this month turns out to be Ultimate Alliance 3.

Would you throw your money at MUA3 if it was confirmed tomorrow for PS4 and Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts on this and what ideas you would have for a new game in the series – who would you pick as developer if you had a choice?

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  • Matthew Maida

    MUA series and its previous games X-Men Legends were all Great games. I hope they come up with a new one…and a hefty line up to choose from

  • Fernando Mendoza

    Please make the game

  • O Sal

    MUA1 was awesome. It had Blade and Deadpool. Great overall game with the correct camera zoom. Hope they use it as the base for MUA3. MUA2 was terrible. I tend to play the first even now. But really want MUA3 to come out ASAP!!

  • Random dude

    would pre-order

  • Some Guy

    “popularity of the first two games”?? Umm…MUA2 bombed so hard that they dropped their Marvel license and literally left the game unplayable for many of its users.

  • Deviija

    I’ve been wanting an MUA3 game for years. I enjoyed co-op’ing the first two. I just hope they’d use Captain Marvel instead of Ms. Marvel for it, since her film is coming up and that is who she is now.

  • Legacy Harrison

    Id buy 2!I hoped they would make the game and being a transplant patient im relieved!I know at least 25 people who would reserve and pay day 1

  • james donn

    they really should make a mua3 i am very excited for it i cant wait because i have the first two mua 1 and mua2 for xbox360 and i really enjoyed them so yeah totally please marvel make a mua3 it will be the best.

  • EL’Zay Soulstealer

    why no ps vita? wtf

    • I Made Bayu

      gan si nico ampe matiin fitur diskusi dr forum utama, lo sih pk mnta aneh2 d translate ya jlas kga bs lah gan

      • EL’Zay Soulstealer

        wkwkwk sbar ae.. ane kira bs request

  • I thoroughly enjoyed these games, and have been anxiously waiting on a third installment, but there are two concerns I have going forward on this. 1. That the lineup and character options bear a closer resemblance to UA1 than to UA2. Unlocking characters like Blade and Ghost Rider made that first game for me, and having four costumes from which to choose was way better than only have two questionable options. Really, if it weren’t for the Civil War-based story and the added fusion moves in UA2, I’d say that UA1 was a categorically better game. And 2. Stop with the system exclusives, or at least offer them as DLC shortly after launch.

  • NYJ

    MUA 2 was all-around crap. Love to see Raven handle MUA 3

  • ClintMurphy

    Hoping for a multiverse crossover, give me maker and miles

  • The Great Leon

    I would love another one. I am hoping it would be similar to the 1st ones style. MUA2 was just okay the ultimate moves didn’t feel as creative as the 1st one.

  • Jon

    So basically an article saying “We have no idea”? Great use of time there guys. lol

  • I’d definitely throw my money at the screen if they announced a MUA3.
    I’ve been wanting another sequel for years now.