Life is Strange Episode 4 hype after discount

By Alan Ng - Jul 13, 2015

We know that most of you are patiently waiting for the Life is Strange Episode 4 release date and constantly asking when Life is Strange Ep 4 is out on PS4.

Now, it looks like we could be getting close to a release as Sony are now offering big discounts on the PlayStation Store for the first episode.

While the developers have been reluctant to offer a solid release date, we can see that there’s big expectation for Episode 4 to arrive this week with the new PS Store update for July 14 2015.

In the meantime though, if you haven’t played Episode 1 now is the perfect chance. In Europe, you can now get the game with a massive 40% discount meaning that you pay just £2.39 in the UK.


On top of that PS Plus members get a further discount. Since most of you will be subscribers it means that Episode 1 is now just £2.

This special offer will last until July 15so does that mean that Episode 4 will be available then? Let’s hope so as anticipation is through the roof at the moment for one of the surprise hits of 2015 so far.

You may also want to know that the Life is Strange Season Pass is on offer too. It’s just £12.59 at the moment which is a 10% discount from the original price – remember that it will cover Life is Strange Episodes from 1-5.

How excited are you about the release of the 4th Episode for Life is Strange, do you have the Season Pass ready or will you now buy it since it’s 10% off?

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  • Vegas Sim

    This is the reason I hate these episodic installments, which we all pay for, especially when it is a hit series like “Life is Strange.” Not knowing release dates, failure to stay on schedule, and as the payer of the game have no voice and no way of getting what you want until they complete each episode. When TellTale games started doing this with Walking Dead, who knew this would throw the doors wide open for other companies to get your money and than leave you hanging for 1-3 months to find out what is next. You can now wait almost a year to get the last installment of an episode to a favorite story game.

    Personally, I would rather it not be released until it is FINISHED. PERIOD!!! Then charge me for it.

  • mrh112

    My money is on the 23rd

  • Dawn

    Wheres espoide 4 according to steam commuty it suppost to had came out yesterday.

  • bacon scrilla

    I bought the whole thing

  • Person

    I literally invited my friend over so we can play and its not out now so we can’t ugh

    • avow

      Why would you do that when a date hasn’t even been announced? They always announce it and it comes out something close to a week later.

  • Leon Evelake

    Kept hearing the 7th or 14th. Thanks for getting my hopes up

    • Lol

      That was a theory thought up by a 14 year old kid… that math made sense but congrats on actually listening

  • Shloader

    Lets rewind to May for just a moment… an interesting concept given the topic. Dontnod started getting loud about Ep 3 by the first of the month claiming it would be a May release, then confirmed the exact date of May 19th a week in advance. Here we are in July 8 weeks later. All I’ve seen from official sources is that a release date hasn’t been established and yet there are other sites and editorials claiming it must be one of the first two Tuesdays of July… which have come and passed with not a word from Dontnod. I really don’t expect Dontnod to break from past behavior; I don’t think they’re gonna just ninja this one on us. A month ago I was really hoping to have my hands on this the day after my birthday. Now I’d be surprised if we were to see this before August.

    • Maximilian

      August fits their original release schedule anyway. Plus, it’s not discounted on Steam.

  • Mysterygirl

    The wait is killing us -.- And They are doing it on purpose ….

  • Terry Tigger-Spencer

    Well hurry up already, DAMN!