Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 28 task list

Attention all Marvel fans now, as the Avengers Alliance Ant-Man Spec Ops is now live in accordance with the release of the upcoming movie. As a result, we now have a heads-up for you with a full Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 28 task list.

The main prize on offer is the Modern Ant-Man hero, a brand new hero separate to Heroic-Age Hank Pym with a full set of new abilities.

There’s also a new 90 CP hero to recruit with Quake, but as far as we’re aware she isn’t needed as a deploy to access the epic boss.


Without further ado, thanks to the Avengers Alliance wiki it looks like we already have a good look at the MAA SO28 task list.

25 tasks in total as usual, with Yellowjacket being the final boss on Mission 3. Take a look and let us know how you get on with the tasks and if you need any help.

Tast list for Ant-Man spec ops.




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