Haters boycott Henderson FIFA 16 UK cover

By Alan Ng - Jul 11, 2015

The votes have been counted and we can confirm that new Liverpool FC captain Jordan Henderson will join Lionel Messi on the FIFA 16 UK cover.

Liverpool fans have naturally been overjoyed with the news since it’s the first Liverpool player to ever feature on the cover of a FIFA game – not even Steven Gerrard had that honor.

Despite that, there has been a reminder of the immature behaviour of some individuals who take to Twitter on a daily basis and are now saying that they will boycott FIFA 16 completely – just because Henderson is on the front.


Although FIFA 16 is just a game, some users have taken personal offence by the decision and are planning to send a message to EA that they won’t support the game.

Whether this is just classic internet trolling by UK youths, the same group of people that hurl abuse on every EASportsFIFA Tweet made – remains to be seen.

It seems rather ridiculous that some would be willing to miss out on what is otherwise going to be an amazing purchase, just because Courtois, Aguero or Kane wasn’t chosen.

Henderson has silenced his doubters in recent years though, so we have a feeling that the mixed reaction is unlikely to phase him – this is only a minority group remember.

What is your reaction to the fact that Henderson will become the first Liverpool player on a FIFA cover based on a public voteare you happy about it as a general football fan or not?

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  • greenside

    I would rather any of the other 3, honestly. But well, who cares?

  • jay blindside

    Laughable and moronic buffoons to say the least.

  • Greg

    Good to see the haters have decided not to buy the game maybe they will go on and do something constructive with their lives or maybe they will just find something else thats trivial to cry about.

  • Born+Bred-Red

    What a complete and utter load of nonsense, a computer game, who cares who”s on the cover, have people not got more important stuff going on in their live”s than to be upset about something as trivial as this, moron”s!!!!!!!!

  • Phil Ratcliffe

    FIFA hold a vote every year for the cover, players of the game get to vote, if you haters didn’t vote, then that’s your problem, stop being a bunch of babies throwing your rattles out of your prams over a cover, get a life, YNWA

  • Ian Birthwright

    Nothing against Henderson but the world’s best football video game should be adorned by the world’s best players. Jordan Henderson is yet to reach such heights. If you were going for a British PL player then Hart or Rooney (again) would be considered possible world class contenders. Non British then Sanchez, Aguero, De Gea etc

    • Phil Ratcliffe

      Ian, that why every year FIFA get players of the game get to vote on whom they want on the front, if you don’t like what you see then maybe like everyone else whom has a problem with it, you should have voted. Stop throwing your rattle out your prams over a cover, sad bunch of idiots, it’s not as if you have to play as Hendo. Sad sad world we live in, YNWA

      • Just saying

        Yes. I agree. Just an opinion regards class of player. TBH I don’t care if old mother Hubbard is on the cover! I’ll still buy and play it anyway

    • Justin Chukwu

      That is your nonsense supposition and clearly shows your immaturity in your thinking. We live in a democratic society. people all over the world have the right to choose be it food or political leaders. You can not say you will stop sending your children to school or stop receiving medical treatment or paying your taxes because your choice of leader loss the election. Henderson won because he is the peoples choice. We at Liverpool Fc are overjoy and proud.

      • Just saying

        Yes you at LFC have every right to be proud. My very simple point is that something that purportedly is at the pinnacle of its genre such as EA’s FIFA allegedly is should be adorned by those at the pinnacle of the game. Simple advertising hype. This is simply an opinion and not worthy of political style debate. It is after all just a game which I will buy no matter who is on the cover. Although I do find your analogy a little OTT for this subject. Yes we do have choices luckily in a free democratic western society which we have both exercised in replying to each others comments. Might add that there is nothing immature in my thinking and suggest, with respect, that are am both older and more worldly than your good self and thus in a better position to judge immaturity as I suspect your comments are a knee jerk reaction from a Liverpool fan thinking I’m slagging off his club captain which I am not. JUST SAYING lol!

    • Eric

      Hehe. Hart. Funny

      • Just saying

        At a push mind! lol!

  • Gano1

    LOL at the haters………………………Jordan looks fantastic…………………….. 🙂

  • Ian Rush P660 G346

    Wahhh! wahhh! little babies. Fifa geeks always buy it no matter what.

    • Gano1