Purifier Robes Destiny review with worst exotic claim

Xur is bringing all of his presents today with his July 10 inventory. One of these is the Purifier Robes exotic Warlock chest armor and we have a few Purifier Robes Destiny reviews for you to check out.

Most of you will be wanting to know are the Purifier Robes worth buying from Xur today for 13 strange coins? We wanted to bring you some opinion on this as we can see that there has clearly been a divide on whether they are good or not.

On one hand, we see feedback from those who love the Purifier Robes and have waited weeks for Xur to sell them. Then again, there’s one particular Purifier Robes review online from one user who calls them ‘one of the worst warlock exotics’ in Destiny.


The user calls it low tier and argues that there are far more better choices out there for Warlocks – You can read what he has to say about it here and tell us if you agree or not.

It creates a nice debate with the two video reviews that we’ve added below which praise the Purifier Robes and offer a different opinion.

If you are using the Subsinger subclass, it is a no-brainer and you should definitely go for it for just 13 coins.

The Purifier Robes are not amazing in PvE, but do they really deserve the tag of ‘worst Warlock exotic’? Probably not. Let us know if you already have these and whether you would recommend new players to buy one today from Xur or if they should avoid.



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