ISL Auction 2015 results for Android and iOS

By Peter Chubb - Jul 10, 2015

The Indian Super League 2015 auction took place earlier today and has now come to an end. People had been following the ISL Auction 2015 live from the time it started, until it ended and believe it or not, all ten players were sold.

This is an amazing achievement, as it is the first time that all players have been sold at a sporting auction, not even cricket stars have been sold during such an auction. This is a new record, one that will no doubt be analyzed for the rest of the day.

ISL Auction 2015

While it is now too late to offer you live updates, we are certain you will want to study the ISL Auction 2015 results and to see how much they went for and to what clubs.

We know there are many news websites out there that will dissect these results, but the easiest way would be to download the official Android and iOS Indian Super League Official app.

Both of these were updated in May to add new filters for photos and videos. However, they still offer you everything that was great, such as latest news and features, live scores, fixtures and standings, match alerts and so much more, such as those ISL Auction 2015 results.

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