Clyne replaces Glen Johnson and fans go wild

We have another heads-up for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players. EA has once again updated their list of FIFA 15 Summer transfers for July 10, now adding Nathaniel Clyne and Danny Ings to Liverpool FC.

If you head into FUT now, you’ll see that Danny Ings and Clyne have both been transferred into Liverpool’s roster in accordance with the July 10 FIFA 15 Summer transfers.

We wondered why they didn’t make it into the first batch of transfers along with Firmino, but it’s nice to see EA following up in the same week to get it completed.


The question is, will EA have to transfer Benteke to Liverpool as well or even Marco Reus? That’s what the latest rumors are saying so we’ll have to wait and see.

You can have a reminder of both player stats in the image below, courtesy of Futhead. Danny Ings is only a 71 rated player, so we wonder if he is in line for a FIFA 16 player upgrade by the time the game launches.

Let us know what you think of the two player switches. Are you happy that Clyne is now replacing Glen Johnson on your main Liverpool lineup? We’ve seen that some FIFA 15 players are delighted over this.



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