BO3 Juggernog Edition fridge size and inside

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2015

Hours after Treyarch unveiled the Juggernaut Edition for Black Ops 3, we now can bring you a look directly inside the Juggernog fridge and show you the real Juggernog size for those that want a closer look.

Treyarch’s team has recorded a Juggernog Edition boxing, focusing specifically on the fridge. Unfortunately the quality is not fantastic but you do get the chance to see inside for the first time.


As we told you in our main news post on the Juggernog fridge, it will come with space to hold 12 12oz cans. In reality though, the fridge size looks very small and the space inside appears to be on the narrow side.

We are waiting for Treyarch to record a video in HD showing a proper look for everyone, but at least this clip below gives you an idea.


Let us know what you think of the fridge and if you are willing to buy one for $200 or £180 depending on where you live.

Do you think it is worth it now after taking a look inside? The design outside is obviously amazing though, so fans may be buying it just as a collector’s item.

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  • GamingAwits Hd

    You guys probebly don’t know that when the bo3 juggernog edition released,I pre ordered it so they sent me the code and started playing the game. Means I got the JUGGERNOG EDITION !!!!!!!!!!!

  • LwC

    It’s not worth 200 usd let alone 200 euros for that matter if it doesn’t dispense soda cans or bottles like the real machine from the game.

    • Raines

      $200 isn’t just for the fridge. Its for the game with season pass and extras. The game and season pass alone usually sell for $100. So the fridge and extras are $100 of the cost

      • EoA18

        Right I know that you are getting all that other fun stuff but there are way better mini-fridges out there.
        Considering that walmart typically sells back to school mini fridges anywhere from $35 to $75 depending on the size of the fridge you still getting ripped off.
        You are basically paying for the Black Ops signage because the inside isn’t spacious nor does it dispense drinks.
        You would think if they made a fridge based off a game that it would be geared towards what games need or want whilst gaming.

        • Raines

          But people want the Juggernog for the novelty, not so they can simply have a working fridge. Its the cool factor. I think its cool.

        • Holdinweight

          He’s just mad because he doesn’t have one coming

  • Bradley Newell

    I reserved mine Friday. Can’t wait

  • dan van

    I would definitely love to have that fridge! Can anyone help me get one! PLEASE..

    • Fr0Zz

      On Amazon
      Bo3 Collector 😉


    • Raines

      Get the “whohasit” app on your phone and sign up for notification for the juggernog edition. That’s how I got mine on August 31st from Amazon. It notified me as soon as Amazon had them in stock and I ordered right away. Sold out in 4 hours though. But there will be more whether it be cancellations or restocking just before launch date.

    • nowitzki41

      Don’t know if you got one, but gamestop has them right now