Black Ops 3 The Giant zombies trailer cutscene in HD

By Alan Ng - Jul 13, 2015

Treyarch revealed their highly anticipated Black Ops 3 zombies information at Comic Con, with one big surprise. They are making a bonus Black Ops 3 The Giant Zombies map, which is a remake of Der Riese from World at War.

Now, we can see that there has been a Black Ops 3 The Giant zombies trailer intro leak online. The intro was only meant to be seen by those in attendance at Comic Con, but one naughty viewer decided to record it.

As a result, we have the footage for you below which gives a blurry look at the trailer but still clear enough to see what is going on and the fact that it features the original four characters Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai.


We’re not sure how long this trailer will stay up so you better watch it while you can. What you will need to know is that The Giant bonus map for BO3 zombies will only be available for those pre-ordering Black Ops 3 Hardened, Digital Deluxe and the Juggernog Edition – more details on all three later.

Watch the BO3 Giant zombies trailer and give us your thoughts on it while the video is still available. What is your reaction to the storyline involving Richtofen? Leave thoughts and theories below!

Update: Official trailer now available! Added below in HD for your viewing pleasure.

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  • whenevilcalls

    Suspiciously a lot like when the Trap behind the door in Call of the Dead or shall I say send them to Paradise

  • richtodude

    trailer has been taken down by activision damn.. does anyone know what they said in the cutscene ??

    • Aaron Meheret

      there’s like a teleporter and they group is telling richtofen not to open the door but der riese richtofen opens it and origins richofen comes out, they stare at each other for a sec, then origins richtofen shoots der riese richtofen in the head

      • jacques

        Shitz mad cool yo