The Witcher 3 1.07 patch PC wait due to consoles

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2015

We have an update to bring you now, on the highly anticipated Witcher 3 1.07 patch on PC which CD Projekt Red are working on and is expected by many to launch this week.

You may be wondering what the recent PC update was about which went live hours ago. We can confirm that this wasn’t the 1.07 patch though, as the developers have since stated that this was a patch to do with the Artwork pack.

So, when can we expect the Witcher 3 1.07 patch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One? We have seen that over on the steam forums, one developer from CD Projekt Red has revealed some information on why it’s taking so long on PC.

Prior to 1.07, you’ll know that the patches were launched on PC first and then rolled out to console. With 1.07, CD Projekt Red has said that they are aiming for a simultaneous release across all platforms.


In other words, the reason why PC is delayed is likely due to the fact that Sony and Microsoft need to approve the update first with the certification process – the standard procedure when it comes to console updates.

CD Projekt Red adds that the update is coming as soon as possible, so hopefully there’s still time to get it out to everyone by the end of the week.

As a PC owner though, are you a bit surprised that the developers have now decided to release simultaneously so that effectively you need to wait longer – or was it a change you saw coming eventually?

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  • ChrisJeremy GibsonHill

    The consoles are the main reason why the game was even made. Do to the fact that Sony and Microsoft almost paid for the entire game to be made. Do Take A chill pill.

  • William Fenton

    Another needless ‘screw you PC’. There is absolutely no reason to delay the PC patch; whereas on the other hand, consoles have to go through lengthy auditing.

    • Andy Davies

      This is a real disappointed! I’m hoping it will surprise us all and be released at midnight but I wont be staying up to check.

      • Andrew Portlock

        yeah this is fairly surprising for cdpr that has so far been treating the customers really well, perhaps they feel not alienating the console crowd is continuing this effort, as a console hating pc enthusiast i say dumb move

        • William Fenton

          Only the most uneducated people think PC gets patches first because of favouritism. It’s simply because patches on console have to go through validation.

          Things should be released when they are ready, not abitrarily held back just to appease a few fanboys on a platform who can’t stand to see PC gamers get a patch a bit sooner.