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Tab S Pro presence, pre-emptive strike against larger iPad

There has been a great deal of focus on whether Apple will release the iPad Pro model later this year, and while we do not have any proof it will happen, Samsung seems to be preparing itself in case it does. We have seen several rumors in regard to the existence of the Galaxy Tab S Pro, and now it has taken another step closer to being announced.

Samsung understands how important it is to keep the pressure on Apple and we see the recent trademark of the name Galaxy Tab S Pro, as a pre-emptive strike against a larger iPad that looks set to be released in October.

Galaxy Tab Pro S release

If the suspected Galaxy Tab S Pro specs are anything to go on, then we could be in for a great battle if or when we finally see a Tab Pro S Vs iPad Pro showdown. We assume that the rumored Samsung tablet will come with a 12-inch AMOLED display and will be less than 5.4mm thick, which would be pretty impressive for a tablet of this size.

There is a concern that some people would rather wait for the Note Pro to be announced, as they feel it would be more desirable.

Let’s say for one moment that Samsung and Apple are to release these Pro versions of their tablets, then how do you think they will compare in terms of performance and desirability?



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