GTA V Progen T20 Vs Zentorno for fastest car

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2015

The latest GTA Online update is now available on all platforms. With it comes the arrival of the GTA V Progen T20 supercar, one of the highlights of the Ill Gotten Gains Part 2.

Now, we can see that many players have bought this car straight away and haven’t been afraid to say that it could be the new fastest car in GTA V.

To put this to the test, we have a series of videos for you to watch. One which offers a GTA V Progen T20 Vs Zentorno speed test and another that compares these two cars with the Osiris and the Adder.


The Progen T20 is the most expensive of the Ill Gotten Gains Part 2 collection, coming in at a whopping $2,200,000 – We did warn you in advance to save up that Heists money so we hope you all did.

In comparison the Pegassi Osiris cost $1,950,000 so it is similar to the Progen T20 in the fact that it is top tier and strictly for high ballers only.

Is the Progen T20 the fastest car in the game now though? Rockstar themselves highlighted this thought on their Twitter by calling it ‘one of the fastest’ in GTA Online, so watch the clips below and tell us what you think of the new cars.

Which car is the fastest for you, is the Progen T20 worth the money or not?

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  • Why they skipped the only trustworthy review that’s from Broughy1322?

  • Dirtie Birtie

    It’s the fastest acceleration wise, but top speed is far from! Wins in short sprints but for the long runs the Adder smashes it

  • Helheimer


  • u ok

    hi first