Destiny servers down for 8 hours shock gamers

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2015

We have a quick heads-up for all Destiny players now as Bungie has once again deemed it necessary to take the Destiny servers down on PS4 and Xbox One with some surprise maintenance on July 9.

For those asking when the Destiny servers will be back up today, how does 8 hours sound to you? That is what Bungie’s official Help website states when we dug around looking for answers.

The official Destiny maintenance times on July 9 are between 4am – 12pm Pacific Time. That means from 7am to 3pm Eastern Time and even harsher times for players in Europe – UK Destiny servers down from 12pm to 8pm which definitely isn’t ideal.


We can see that some players are shocked about this, expressing their disbelief that Destiny can go down for as long as eight hours without a real explanation.

Meanwhile, Bungie has given players another heads-up to say that Destiny players may see the Loganberry error during the July 8 maintenance.

Let us know what you think about the new bout of downtime and whether you think the times are ideal. Obviously this latest one is to suit Pacific time players, but is it unfair on those playing in UK?

Leave us a message below if Destiny is down for you right now and if you are seeing the Loganberry error message.

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  • Dan

    They should start it at 1am PDT AT LEAST then it’s earlier for everyone. Well ish 🙈

  • Dan

    They should start it at 1am PDT AT LEAST then it’s earlier for everyone. Well ish 🙈

  • Jones

    Have played on a PC for years and never had a problem accessong any game online now on XBox and this happens I understand the need for maintenance but 8 hours during the prime playing time in europe I think Bungie does not care about anyone outside of the USA

  • Jon

    Maybe the developers live in the Pacific time zon so, for them, they started working on it at four in the morning.

  • The Gnome

    Its odd they take these types of outages during prime US playing time for some, but you’d had to have your head buried in the sand not to know the maintenance was coming up.

    People complain all the time about issues and want new content – this is likely what it takes to deliver that. Destiny players will complain about anything and everything.

    • Namesake

      Blind with your head in the sand? What? There hasn’t been a single notice about it on any of their forums until just today, and even that hasn’t been posted anywhere that it’s likely to be seen.