COD BO3 weapons list starts to build

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2015

With the reveal of Black Ops 3 zombies upon us, we thought we would give you a heads up on a look at the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 weapons list that has been rumored for the game so far.

Treyarch showed off a lot of the game during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference when we managed to get a first look at the Black Ops 3 co-op campaign.

From that, fans have been picking out the weapons one by one and coming up with a list of what should be BO3 weapons confirmed in the game.

They include six assault rifles including the AK-12 and ACR, seven sub-machine guns including the Scar PDW, MP7 and the UMP-9 and finally six shotguns two of which include the Saiga 12 and the RAS-12.


Obviously we can’t confirm that this list is 100% accurate, but most of them should be in the final Black Ops 3 guns list and don’t forget probably twice as big as the list in which you can see below.

Treyarch will be showing off zombies on July 9 as we told you recently, so it should also be an opportunity to learn what other weapons will be included in the game – especially some Black Ops 3 zombies weapons exclusive to that mode such as the ray gun and wonder weapons.

Take a look at the rumored list below and let us know what you think about it. How accurate do you think it is and more importantly – do you have a weapon to add to the list that you have seen?

Rumored list of BO3 weapons so far

Assault Rifles:

Honey Badger

Sub-Machine Guns:

Scar PDW


Saiga 12
Origin 12

Once we have the confirmed list we will add it above as soon as possible and keep this updated for you.

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