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Background app refresh dilemma for iOS 9 users

Apple is adding new features to iOS 9 with every new beta, with the latest version getting a dedicated photo album for selfies and screenshots. However, it is the background app refresh changes that will be of most interest because it is a way to help save battery life, even if this is a feature used on Android for quite some time.

There is however a dilemma to the new background app refresh features for iOS 9 users, one that they will need to evaluate before making changes. This is because if a user decides to flick over the Low Power Mode toggle in settings, then background app refresh will be one of the features that are turned off, the others being Mail, some animations and fetch.

iOS 9 background app refresh

It is all very well trying to conserve battery life, but this means you will need to keep checking your apps, such as if you are waiting on an update on Facebook, or the latest sports results from your sports news app.

I have never really had background app refresh on anyway, as I prefer to manually look at the apps. However, this will still be a dilemma for those of you that rely heavily on apps, yet need to conserve battery life if away from a power outlet to charge your iOS device.

A word of warning though, just remember to switch Low Power Mode off again, as you do not want to lose too much of your iPhone or iPad functionality for longer than you have to.



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