Avigo Twist N Run Scooter recall with model numbers

This may not be a large recall, but when it involves the safety of children, we do worry and so feel the need to get the message out. Toys R Us in the UK has had to issue a recall for its Avigo Twist N Run scooter because of a possible safety hazard.

There have been reports that this scooter has a problem with its handlebars, as there are cases where they have either fallen off or broke. This might not sound too serious, but it can be if a child is riding it at the time, as it could cause them to fall off while in use.

Avigo Twist N Run Scooter recall

If you are concerned, then you need to check your The Avigo Twist N Run model number. Those affected are 5F62CEE for the Blue version and 5F62CEF for the Pink.

In order to find the model number, you will need to tip the scooter over, as it is on the base, which you can see in the image above thanks to the Trading Standards website. You should not use this scooter at all and take it back to your local Toys R Us store in order to get a full refund.



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