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Windows 10 updates – Notify to schedule restart

How many times have you been working on something important, only for Windows to update itself and get very pushy about restarting for the updates to be fully installed? However, Windows 10 will now stop you from getting stressed by allowing you to schedule a restart time that is more convenient for you.

Notify to schedule restart is the new option for Windows 10 users following an update, which is a very easy and welcome process. In order to schedule a restart you need to go to the Start menu icon and then select Settings.

Windows 10 schedule restart after update

Once there you will want to select Update & Security, after which you will see the Windows update screen displayed. Now click on Advanced Options and then Notify to schedule restart.

Once you have selected that you will see an arrow on the top left-hand corner, which you need to press; this returns you to the Windows update screen. You will see that you have scheduled a restart, but need to select a time for the restart to happen.

One option gives you a choice of suggested times, but if they are not ideal, then select “Time” and “Day” and then set the time more desirable for you and hit save.



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