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By Alan Ng - Jul 8, 2015

The new Marvel Future Fight update is now live and with it, the big feature of Alliances. At the moment, we’re sure all of you are currently trying to find a new team to join or create so we wanted to let you advertise here with a join Marvel Future Fight Alliance page.

Alliances will allow you to gain bonuses for the whole team such as increasing hero exp gain by a certain percentage – the higher your Alliance level is, the more you will gain.

It costs 500,000 gold to start an Alliance as a leader, but you can easily earn that back over time by completing achievements and quests with your 30 man squad.


Some of the more luxurious bonuses can be acquired at Alliance level 20, which will then give your team a 15% EXP boost on heroes, 15% more gold and even 10% more critical damage and 10% critical rate which is pretty impressive.


Some of the tasks include clearing 150 bonus missions in a day between your team, to which the reward is 10,000 gold for every member. Then there’s also quests to get free energy as well by clearing 1500 normal missions in 4 days between your team – a nice 50 energy reward for doing so.


It’s another great update by the developers Netmarble and one which is going to be a lot of fun for players with Alliances now set up.

If you want to join an Alliance, leave your in-game details below with the strength of your team. This will then allow leaders to read your info and recruit you if you meet the requirements – alternatively, if you are a leader you can advertise your clan below too.

Give us your thoughts on Alliances in Future Fight and if you have any questions on them.

Update: To get the party started and to show you how it’s done, we decided to start our own Alliance on Marvel Future Fight!


If you are an active player, leave your application with team info in the comments section below if you wish to join our private team ‘Furys Left Eye’slots are limited!

Remember a permanent hero EXP and Gold boost is up for grabs so it’s well worth joining an Alliance.

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  • Harsh

    Join my Alliance named – FutureRagnarok

  • Joe Guido

    Undeafeted in Alliance conquest Level 30/ 8 crew looking for YOU! Fun group, come quick before new cobquest starts. 2 slots open

    Send over app in game
    Xmen Pride

  • K1lla3000

    Alliance: The Old World
    Alliance level: 30
    Alliance Store level: 6
    Hello! The Old World now has a few vacancies for active players. There is no S.H.E.I.L.D. level requirement & we will consider applications on a case by case basis.
    Are you able to complete your daily challenges? Interested in participating with an active group in Alliance Conquest? Then we might be the alliance for you.
    The Old World is an English speaking alliance originally formed on Reddit back in July 2015 and is made up of members from the U.S.A., Argentina, Pakistan, New Zealand & various countries in Europe.
    We have a Line group (optional) and coordinate to complete dimension rifts to 100% daily (2-4 Legendary rifts opened per day).
    We are looking for players who will help hit the daily challenges, join in with alliance conquest & have fun.
    Reply here if interested or contact skrull_imposter via Line.

  • Adam Whiteley

    I just created a new allaince and looking for daily active members all are welcome feel free to join allince name is Marvel1Knights my in game name is whiteley4986.

  • Big gamer

    Any active gamers add theone18 !!

  • Kyle Moe

    Lv. 15 TERROR Open Recruitment. Looking for active players!

  • Mike Wins

    Daily Heros New for daily players. Join while there is still time.

  • Hilmir Karl

    High society !!! lvl 5 feel free to join

  • Senor Amazing

    New alliance needs members. I just created an alliance called JustPunishment. I am a shield lvl 52 daily player looking for other daily players so we can enjoy all the benefits of the alliance. Ive got a lvl 50 6 star yellowjacket part of my team pym with the other 2 at lvl 45. Ive got many more characters at lvl 40 and all characters are at least lvl 30. I hope to get some applicants soon and all are welcome.

  • Loki

    New Alliance: Coon n friends are looking for all members. It is a new alliance so everyone is welcome! 🙂

  • paraice89

    Hi there, new active players from SG would love to join an active SG alliance
    My team is very lean: 6 mastered stars lvl 40 ironman, 5 mastered stars lvl 37 hulkbuster and 4 mastered stars lvl 36 war machine

    my game id: paraice

    Thanks in advance for accept ! =)

  • Shadowless Khan

    New Alliance: The Revengerz are looking for all members. It is a new alliance so everyone is welcome until we are full.

  • NgTurbo

    So what does everyone think of the alliance improvements? What changes should be made in the next update – longer chat?

  • Cyrus

    New alliance deadpool mercs looking for a bunch of dedicated players looking to make something of this alliance

  • Manh Nguyen

    New alliance looking for some allies. Join Vision Quest today! Everyone who plays every day is welcome.

  • JiaAn Smile

    Back to this game after a few months. Looking for an alliance. Active player here! Gt afew 3 stars heroes. Main team is capt marvel,venom and spidy. Lvl27 ign: IronHeart please add me! (:

  • David Willis

    New alliance Doomtrain,level 50 leader looking for active players

  • Mayuresh Chavan

    They should offer ally shifters for every match through alliance

  • LJRex

    New Alliance and looking for new members to help us ride to succes! DC Killers is the Alliance name join today.

  • Cyrus

    New alliance deadpool mercs looking for a bunch of dedicated players looking to make something of this alliance

  • jordan gay

    Hello all! The Real Deal alliance is recruiting members! We are lvl 2 – almost 3 and just having fun. Join now!

  • Mayuresh Chavan

    Hay I have 3 level 40 heroes and will hit level 40 for another 3 in next week. join my alliance if you are close to hit 40. camericas30

  • Dan Trabucco

    WoundedCheetah is open looking for dedicated players

  • Jake Humphreys

    Alpha Agents now open! Bring your awesome over here 😉

  • Mayuresh Chavan


  • Mayuresh Chavan


  • Kevin Johnson

    join conquer if you’re really a dedicated player

  • Bret Rodgers

    Mindless Ones…now

  • SupermanGodFall

    Join Team Extreme!

  • Bret Rodgers

    Join the “Mindless Ones.”

  • TJ

    New alliance “Marvels Elite” Join us

  • Jerome

    I just created a new Alliance ” Vestige” . Anyone above Shield lvl 20 is welcome. Just try to be active on daily basis. No pressure Alliance.

  • Robert Wilson

    A R M O R is a new alliance open to all.

  • NgTurbo

    How’s everyone getting on with their Alliances?

  • Matt Richardson Sosa

    Team TGL is Now up, feel free to join up to (The Great Life) nation of gaming were an online gaming clan for Xbox one .. Soon to be sponsored by el gato & evil controller’s

  • Shay Conant

    LadySifsLegion is a new alliance with only me (MrsShayAsgard) and a lvl40 players so far. The next 4 members will be Class 2 officers and the 5th and up joiners with be Class 1. Work hard and I’ll promote u to Class 2.
    Now, do have what it takes to fight for Asgard by joining LadySifsLegion?
    I think you do.

  • Kris

    ManicFlame is a new Alliance hoping to be one of the very best from the get go. Accepting experienced members who play regularly and are social/friendly!

    • NgTurbo

      Nice Kris, hope your Alliance is a successful one!

    • frank

      I’d like to join your alliance. I have 4 star captain America at level 38 with new suit. 3 star hulkbuster at 39 and 3 star venom at 34. I’ll send a request. I am alphajustice..

    • eddieinred

      I joined your team! Hope to help you guys as much as possible! 😀