GTA Online 1.28 update notes imminent

The Grand Theft Auto Online 1.28 update notes will be live any moment now, as today we receive new GTA V DLC in the form of Ill Gotten Gains Part 2. We touched on the release time earlier today for the downloadable content, although right now we wanted to give Product Reviews readers a heads up on where to find the full GTA Online 1.28 update notes first.

There’s no doubt we will be seeing bug fixes and this update today will allow for the DLC to be supported by all platforms, which includes PS4, Xbox One, PC, and last generation consoles.

Rockstar Games always lists the release notes in the same place on their website, even when new content is for PC only. You will be able to see the GTA V July 8 update notes right here, which will be seen as online version 1.28 for all the said platforms.


Release time for GTA Online 1.28 update notes – You can either check back in about 2 hours on our social channels, or direct at our home page to see the details along with a changelog. If you want to be one of the first to read the full update notes, then check the above link at between 10AM to 11AM UK time. This is when the notes are expect to go live.



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