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Clash of Clans down for July 8 maintenance

Attention all Clash of Clan players now, as we can see that Clash of Clans is down today on July 8 for a surprise maintenance break.

We’ve just had a huge update for July, so we didn’t expect any new features to come so soon. A quick check on the official CoC page confirms this, as Supercell has said that the CoC maintenance today is only for ‘server improvements’ – nothing else.

For those hoping for Town Hall 11 or another 1 Gem Boost for July will have to hold on to that for the next maintenance.


Hopefully the server improvements won’t take long and the Clash of Clans servers will be back up today in minutes rather than hours.

Either way, Supercell will keep you up to date on their Twitter page so keep checking that for the latest status.

As we wait for CoC to go back up let us know how you are enjoying the new update so far and particular the new dark spell factory.

Is it the best update you have seen so far since launch? What are you waiting for next?



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