2K servers down for NBA 2K15 maintenance

By Alan Ng - Jul 8, 2015

We have an important reminder for NBA 2K15 players now, as the 2K servers are down today on July 8 for scheduled maintenance.

The main problem that we can see however, is that 2K has not said when NBA 2K15 servers will be back up. This is rather strange as usually when these games go down the developer would at least give their customers a heads-up as to when they’ll be able to play again.

The fact that 2K hasn’t done this hopefully suggests that the maintenance on July 8 won’t last too long and we’ll be talking about within an hour rather than several hours.


The Tweet above confirms that the NBA 2K15 online server maintenance on July 8 is a ‘full service outage’, also affecting NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K13 as well.

Additional information on 2K’s website also suggests that WWE 2K and Evolve servers on July 8 will be impacted as well, but won’t be as severe as the work on NBA 2K15.

Let us know if the 2K servers are down today for you right now in your area, and if you agree with us in saying that it is strange that 2K hasn’t mentioned a time for when NBA 2K15 will be back up.

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  • Roger

    Servers are still down in LA whats going on 2k its been two days i need to play

  • Josh Howard

    off and on as of 9:47 pm CST on July 9.

  • Young Weezzie

    Still down in fl

  • Rick

    Server still down in VA 22150

  • Darryl Woods Jr

    server down in n.c. 28150 area

  • Solomon

    Servers are up in L.A

  • Solomon

    Servers are up in L.A

  • Jon Kyser

    No it’s not

  • Smith

    Still down in N.C.

  • ruggi3ro

    Its up npw

  • RuggI3ro

    Most of yall ain’t going to have the demi god that’s why they doing this maintenance to it I mean I’m not complaing because this glitch is raw but I’m is

  • bonecollector

    1.bend over 2. Grab ankles 3.get ready to get 2ked!!!!

  • Poetically Korrect

    How do you get the free vc

  • Luis Torres

    I am a Demi God lol

  • Caiden Kanouse

    Time to catch up on my pornos I guess…😏

  • Miguel Roldan

    Free VC sounds like a good deal due to many time frame changes and that the players have been waiting for almost a whole day

    • Mark Hutchins

      That actually sounds like a very good idea! I like like 20k or 40k should be what they do to keep their fans

      • Tricio Nogames Mckenzie

        No way 2k is giving vc away especially not 20k

    • Tricio Nogames Mckenzie

      2k is not giving vc away especially not 20k

      • Mark Hutchins

        Sir, 20k is nothing to some players. Especially as you get 10k just for buying the game.

  • Mark Hutchins

    It’s funny how on 2k’s support page, they said that their service was online was all platforms all day. They can’t even tell us real info on their own support page!

  • Shadypinoy21

    how to be a demigod? we beat those demigods, harder but still you can beat them…

    • Tricio Nogames Mckenzie

      Watch demigod videos really easy to do.

  • Mark Hutchins

    Do u guys seriously think that 2k would give everyone a free $10 code? They won’t even give us a reliable service but u want free money? Smh

  • Tom

    I need to upgrade my guy on mycareer hurry up 2k

  • Jon Kyser

    I just want to play my Carrerr and upgrade him

  • hawksstock

    It is time to switch to mlb the show, it is downloading now, at least I can play my player off line.

  • RaySkata

    $500 dollar system $100 internet bill PlayStation plus $50 hdtv $500 games $60 each yet 0 internet rip off wake up people!!!

  • Michael Marcucci

    I want nba 2k16 free now for the inconvenience

    • hawksstock

      That is too much to ask for, maybe a code for 10$ off and a promise to make an offline log for 2016. Then we can play and upgrade while they do their shenanigans.

    • deez nutz

      Can your ass not wait a day for 2k to do what they have to do I swear yall are retards

      • hawksstock

        any one who uses deez is a dumb ass. Truthfully, a guy named “my testicals” is far more valid than anything “deez dumazzes say””.

  • Thomas Bowman

    I really want to play myplayer blacktop the best point guard out there just started though 😞😞

  • hawksstock

    has anyone called them?

  • hawksstock

    That must have been an extremely long lunch break, or they need to change the NBA system. They are still not up.

  • Lob_Cashin_Out

    For Everyone who keep complaining about demigods its not the players fault 2k shouldve known so stop bitching

    • Mark Hutchins

      It is the players fault because they are the ones doing the hacking. 2k does not know how to stop every back out there and nor should they.

    • Jo Ha

      Makes since, dont blame the bank robber, blame the bank.

  • Mark Hutchins

    I really hate all of the demi gods out there because they cause stuff like this. The servers would be fine if it wasn’t for them. I also hate how 2k said it would be up at 3, then they said it would be up at 4 and it is now 5:45 and it is still down. Why can’t they give us a reliable time?

    • Tricio Nogames Mckenzie

      Demi gods dont have nothing to do with server issues. Its been happening way before

  • Jon Kyser

    They were supposed to be up at 2 pm ET

  • Luis Torres

    F them Demi gods

  • Andrew Austin

    Whens server going back up

  • Chase Blair

    What’s the Demi God

    • Yung Eli

      7/2 pg or sg

      • Luis Torres

        They don’t ever miss they have all the badges in gold

  • Jonathan Doss

    if this maintanance doesent fix demi god 2k is getting serious heat from its fans

    • Tricio Nogames Mckenzie

      It s maintenance not an upgrade. Nothing will be removed

  • Bucky Straight

    I hope they gettin rid of all them corny ass demi god glitch players, cause they takin the fun out of the game with they bum!! asses.

  • Xform Ality

    Why is 2K so trash? Lmfao. The biggest joke ever!

  • Yung Eli

    What happend

  • Devon Strong

    Me and myy friends in memphis tn are down this is bogus an cazy what are they doing remind me not to buy 2k16

  • Vicente C

    Still down in Texas

  • Dan

    Ps4 users send invite…. Dannnyygotgame

  • Tricia Wurtsmith

    Indiana 2k14 down for a couple weeks now!!

  • Chase Blair

    Is it gonna make the game better

  • Chase Blair

    KY down

  • Michael Cotton

    how we gone get legend 3 if you havent had the game since october

    • Jo Ha

      Whats it matter? Do you get something special for it?

  • Jonathan Doss

    How much longer?? Nba 2k16 will be out before the servers are back on.

  • Michael Cotton

    Come on bruh

    • Jo Ha

      Are you talking to me?

  • Jo Ha

    Hopefully they get rid of all the glitched out players that are online. I’m tired of playing against 7’2 point guards who cant miss.

    • Sam Church

      2nd this.

  • Forrest32

    England down these 2k servers suck ass

  • Mjnikes23

    Same man


    Illinois still down👎🏿

  • AD Fkin Ate

    Come on people “WE ALL COGS IN THE MACHINE” Just got to wait it out.

  • AD Fkin Ate

    This doesn’t surprise me.. 2k servers been really bad, well since the beginning.. but lately a lot worse… They had to do this… Still down

  • Jonathan Doss

    Still down in VA

  • Karla Robinson

    Louisiana down

  • Odzy Davidson

    This is weird

  • kelton law

    Orlando florida Down Still

  • Chris Kid-Waviie Clement

    Carolina 11 hours

  • Rich Hall

    Est time zones for va nc ny md will be back up at 2pm

    • Allister Bartholomew

      Where do you get this information

    • Swag team

      I sure

      • Swag team

        U sure my bad

    • AD Fkin Ate

      2pm still down.. Hopefully soon

    • MarvC

      Still down in NY

  • Poetically Korrect

    The 2k app said down until 11 am Pacific time

    • Allister Bartholomew

      That’s the best info I’ve heard all day

  • Allister Bartholomew

    Still down. Been down for 8 hours here

  • Wrong Lyrics

    New York down

  • 13ButtsPerSecond

    Kansas Down

  • Nick Johnson

    Ohio still down

  • Hohhot

    Mississauga Canada still down

  • Jerry A

    Maryland is down

  • Cooly Bop

    Still down

  • Mario hernandez

    Michigan back up

    • Allister Bartholomew

      You lie

  • James McFadden

    North Carolina still down

  • Tony Jones

    Albany, Georgia down.

  • robert pilon

    USA Syracuse ny down hate can’t play when serversare down

  • Chance

    In nk the nba servers are down. I was ready to play but my hopes are down now.

    • mhan_spidey

      nba2k server is down in manila as well…