PSN status goes red with PS4 services down

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 7, 2015

There’s no PSN maintenance on PS4 for July 7, but online servers are down today and this has been reflected in a PSN status update just minutes ago. Sony has updated their PlayStation Network server status page will details about the current downtime, although it looks like only the latest PS4 console is impacted by these issues.

We captured the information below from the PSN status page, as you can see Gaming and Social is offline for “PlayStation 4”. This is the reason thousands of gamers are hunting the COD Advanced Warfare and Destiny server status on July 7, but these people will find out that it’s not game servers and instead the PSN servers that are currently down.


You will notice most PSN social features are not working like apps, launching certain games, the PS4 friends list will have problems today, and also messaging. You also won’t be able to download or purchase items from Sony’s PlayStation Store with popular error codes appearing, as we saw moments ago with PSN maintenance reported with PS Store error E-820001F7. While this error is being given on PS4, it’s not for official maintenance and instead for some unknown outage at this time.

What games are down for you while these PSN problems persist on July 7? We will update this article if the PSN status changes again, or there’s an official statement given about the current problems on PS4.

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  • john brian

    I’m on mortal kombat x right now on my xbox 🙂

  • Thomas

    My XB1 is working just fine… 😉

  • James

    is this just a U.S. Thing. Every time it is reported that psn is down I have been playing it in Europe just fine.

  • Ariel

    Soon when the hell are they going to fix this it seems every time I’m on my day off psn is down . -.-

  • Grew

    Destiny and ESO wont launch

  • Mike

    Good day for those of us hooked on Witcher 3. No issues playing it.

  • melee93

    AW works so does GTA 5 online for me, friends list also works this is just a regional thing people

  • Dario Bonovil

    Cant play doa :[

  • Wanderlei Silva

    Just picked up ESO n can’t play of course.

  • Spencer Fulton

    Friggin Predator came out today for MK….fuck you PSN.

  • schizo

    Keep getting signed out of minecraft. This sucks.

  • djfb ff

    No gta online

  • Matttyyyy

    What a joke… Some of us have to work and only get a select period of time to play… And psn goes down mid raid

  • Garry

    Can’t play eso, Fifa 15 works for me tho.

  • Elias Saire

    same here cannot play call of duty advanced warfare or minecraft

  • Billy

    Cant play destiny or fifa 15 online.