New Honda Jazz cautious availability for India

The new Honda Jazz will be revealed in India tomorrow with its launch to follow shortly after. However, its availability will be a cautious one as Honda gauges just how popular this new model will become. It is for this reason why dealerships will get limited stock before they can offer figures for final production runs.

The 2015 Honda Jazz will be shipped to dealers in batches of 5 to 10, so they can gauge the market. Once they have managed to do so, only then will Honda call on the final production numbers.

New Honda Jazz price

However, we suspect they will be pretty good seeing as though the new Honda Jazz booking numbers are at 2,336 units, or that is what IBT is reporting. These were figures from June alone, so will be interesting to see what happens once the model is revealed to the nation tomorrow.

Honda will give us a much clearer picture tomorrow, such as when this new model will finally become available, and the new Honda Jazz variants. People already have their ideas as to what the specs and features will be, and we know they will need to be impressive to compete against the likes of the Hyundai i20.



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