Life is Strange Episode 4 release time in July

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 7, 2015

The Life is Strange Episode 4 release date will be in July, but the time and official download day hasn’t publicly received an announcement yet. Just under two months ago we detailed a schedule from rumors, which pointed to July 7 as the starting point for Life is Strange Episode 4 to release on PS3, PS4, Xbox platforms, and Steam.

Those following this series will know about the July 7-14 timeframe, so naturally they have been contacting the official Twitter for @LifeIsStrange. One tweet published last week can be seen below and it explained there’s no “release date yet”, but you should keep checking for updates considering they will be revealing the go live time very soon.


Replies to this tweet continue up until the last few minutes and most agree they are extremely “hyped” after the cliffhanger in EP3. One fan said, “If I don’t have a release date soon I’m going to crack up”, another added, “Many blogs are claiming Life is Strange EP4 will be released on 7th July”. One thing is for sure though, it’s coming and will almost certainly be here within 8 days or less.


The next episode will only come when it’s fully ready, but the demand to get hands-on is only adding pressure to the developers to launch during the rumored timeframe and certainly to make sure there isn’t any delays with their internal schedule.

Are you ready for Life is Strange Episode 4 and are you expecting it today, or even this week? Personally, we stand by the expectation for EP4 to go live on Xbox Live, Steam, and PSN between July 7-14th.

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  • chris

    I really want this episode I need to know what happened to chloe I think she got hit by a car because her dad didn’t get into a crash or thisis karma from tryin to steal the whellchair fund

  • Rainye

    New release date is between 21-28th

    • Ekush


      • chris

        he dosent have a source he is saying thst because those are the only Tuesdays left in the month D:

  • Connor Tapia

    If it doesn’t come out on Tuesday I’m going to b pissed

    • SensateTrash

      Are you pissed?

  • Connor Tapia

    I want episode 4 out rite now

  • C elo

    Eppi 4!

  • Caitlyn N

    I’ma need it to come out ASAP. I need to know what happened to Chloe and if the girl can even talk in her wheelchair state. I’m sad, give it to mE PLS.

    • Makz

      thanks for the spoiler.

      • PinkGuy

        Are you really that surprised to find spoilers on comments about the next episode? If you don’t want to know about undiscovered content, then stop searching about things already past it.

      • Oh and Max is in the vortex club now =) lol

      • Caitlyn N

        You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Al134340

    I really can’t wait omg.

  • Kalibg

    do not quote me but they said 7 through 14 that means it is Tuesday when it should be okay hopefully do not quote me
    I cannot wait love this game

  • Jordan Ovrebo

    For some odd reason my aunt thought she was holding a dildo….. yeah…..

  • C elo

    I’m totally waiting for my game Episode excited to see what happens..<3

  • If they’re on schedule then lokking at the release for episode 3, it could likely be next Tuesday.

  • Oni

    Here’s an idea, finish making the game before you even release episode 1 so you don’t have “development issues”.

    • DesertedPictures

      One of the benefits of not finishing the game, is the abbility to make adjustments based upon feedback from players. That’s what exactly what they are doing. So I think finishing the game beforehand might have made for a worse, not a better product.

    • Nicolas Ccflier

      What if the game was already finished, but there were bugs so they are ironing them out before the release…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  • Lacey E’Lane Randell

    Must. Play. Episode. 4. Can’t. Wait. Any. Longer.
    Much anticipation. Such impatient.

  • Mosh Infinite

    This is one of my all time favorite games and with a cliffhanger like episode three i might die of anticipation!

  • Claptrap

    i’m gonna freak out
    i can’t wait anymore!

  • Rusty Gallas

    Maybe they released it in an alternate universe, and found a few things wrong in the story so they rewound time and now they’re gonna release it, and it’s gonna be perfect! hahahaha

  • kenny

    honestly im so sick of waiting if they are not going to release it today THEN GIVE US A FUGGING TRAILER ALREADY

  • Thurnis’b OndaBeat

    No books from Powell’s

    • Sarah

      they don’t live in Portland

      • Thurnis’b OndaBeat

        Who cares, there’s no books from Powell’s.

  • James Dalton

    My guess it we get news on release Thursday and it will release sometime next week.

  • Steve Napoli

    Im ready!!!! Like now!!!! Even if it comes out today all its going to do is make me wait longer for the final episode. Lol. Ive played thru so many times and am not usually into the genre but the storyline has me hooked like a fish. I have been checking all day. Ill try once more at midnight. Then in the am…the anticipation is brutal!!!!!!!! I need to know whats next!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    My best guess would be that ep4 would be released at july 10.

  • Matthew Russell

    so here’s my pitch for a plot twist – max goes back in time again to help chloe not get crippled. In the alternate timeline, something else terrible happens to her, and the series just keeps doing that, forcing you to always go back in time to fix atrocity after atrocity.

    • Aatir Khan

      This isn’t Steins;gate. xD

  • Ricky

    I hope it comes today, really cant wait for the next Life is Strange episode.

  • Ben

    Episode 4: Dark Room will go live today, trust me.

    • Jack

      Unfortunately, the devs of LiS have announced that the release date of 7-14 is only speculation on the internets part, they have confirmed on their Twitter that Episode 4 is not coming out today, nor do they have a solid release date for episode 4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

      • The Dude

        Well, congratulations! You are indeed the bearer of bad news.

    • Lali Sf

      Yeah. “Trust how wrong I am”

    • Adriana Leann Soto

      You were so wrong..