F1 2015 graphics with Silverstone gameplay

By Alan Ng - Jul 7, 2015

With the exciting launch of F1 2015 finally upon us with the F1 2015 release date set for July 10 this week, we now wanted to bring you some gameplay following on from Lewis Hamilton’s brilliant victory at Silverstone this past weekend.

Now you can see how this will translate to the gaming world, with a look at 5 minutes of solid gameplay showing Lewis Hamilton racing through the Silverstone course.

While we know that most of you will be picking up a copy of F1 2015 on PS4, we have some gameplay to show you which is captured from the PC version of the game running in 1080p and at 60FPS.


The gameplay looks solid enough, but some of you may raise a few eyebrows about those graphics. F1 2015 has never been about the graphics though and who knows, maybe some folks will be able to conjure up some graphical F1 2015 mods on PC to improve textures further.

Do you plan to buy F1 2015 on July 10 or have you already received your copy, since we can see that some have already boasted on social media about getting the game early?

Are the graphics seen in the video below a problem for you or not?

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  • Jason Clarke

    Graphics look pretty sweet to me, shadows could be improved, having seen the ps4 gameplay on live stream recently i cant say ive seen that shadow issue.

    Out of the car graphics are poor but its kind of to be expected, its clear effort has been put into on track action. It looks smooth, detailed and fast, 60fps is working wonders for this game f1 benefits hugely from the speed sensation.

    Im yet to see intricate details like tyres degrading visually and tracks rubbering up and its been way too long now waiting for this tyre degradation. I want to see delamination and flat spots with an effect on handling, considering this view is very popular and your looking at the tyres all round im suprised this has not been done before why is it so hard?

    If there are these features in the game and you can visually see the wear on tyres its a great step in the right direction, cars have looked good for years now i want to see more little details