Driveclub PS4 servers down with July 7 maintenance

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 7, 2015

The Driveclub PS4 servers are down today with planned Sony maintenance, as explained in a tweet from yesterday detailing Driveclub July 7 maintenance. The news was made official yesterday, as you can see in a tweet we have featured below, but some gamers will only just be aware due to problems connecting to online matchmaking.

Sony’s server maintenance will impact a number of WWS games, although the most notable might be Driveclub going offline. The schedule time is 11AM to 5PM in the UK, so it’s very likely you won’t be able to play Driveclub online for around 6 hours today.


Furthermore, you should expect the Driveclub servers to go down again for maintenance on Thursday July 9, 2015. The schedule for downtime will be exactly the same, so BST 11am-5pm. This won’t please many racing fans, especially considering it’s two very long outages in the same week.

Did you know beforehand that Driveclub servers will go down on July 7? If not, how do you feel about two long outages in the same week? It’s not clear if all services will be offline during the planned maintenance, but we are expecting problems to persist for the majority of this time. Leave a comment below with how this outage has impacted your plans today.

If you notice any other PSN games down today, leave the title names below also impacted by this server maintenance.

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  • Michael Derek Foote

    Can’t Get On Elder Scrolls Online.

  • what a joke

    This game is a garbage just like PSN. Xbox one not only has a much better racing game…but a much better online service as well. Have fun fools.

    • your a hater

      haha why is a xbox fan boy looking anything up on playstation?? what ever enjoy your half ass graphics its a fact ps4 is “more powerful”

  • Rob

    I didn’t know about the maintenance, but I found out when couldn’t play online again. Once for 7 hours fair enough, but another 2 days later is crazy.