Bungie Day 2015 with July 7 Destiny DLC desired

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 7, 2015

Today, it’s Bungie Day for Tuesday July 7 2015 and this has raised hopes for free Destiny DLC by some avid gamers on PS4, Xbox One, and PC consoles. There’s plenty of rumors and ideas flying around in communities and even Bungie touched on the so called “Day of the Player”, in their last Bungie Weekly Update way before 07/07.

Bungie Day last year saw the first signs of a Destiny community and in 2015, Bungie Day will celebrate a massive population of Guardians that now rejoice in this game and will hunt what Xur is selling each week. Xur’s new location will be revealed in Destiny on Friday, July 10.

The next Bungie community day is today, so what will Destiny players receive during the July 7 celebration? They have already confirmed that today is “just the occasion” to celebrate the “inaugural journey around the sun”. Bungie Day was first made official on 07/07/07, so it’s stretched many games but today will focus a lot on the Destiny game.


We have seen a number of forum threads asking for free Destiny DLC today, as with this one that asked about ideas for Bungie Day content. There’s a mixed reaction to these requests, with some gamers leaving their wish lists and others pointing out that they’d, “be shocked if we got anything for FREE”. Personally, our expectation is an engram and some other minor cool special content.

What would you like to see from Bungie on the seventh day of the seventh month? That’s today, so leave your requests below and we should find out officially within a matter of hours. One thing is confirmed already, which is permanent legendary status for those that “braved the first year of Destiny”.

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  • Justin Gutapfel

    please make trades bungie it would be very appreciated because I need a ldr sniper with good perks ill trade ghorn I have 15 ghorns I don’t use

  • Justin Pencola

    A dang ghally…… I’m a year one vet and have spent countless hours and days trying to claim my ranks with others that have obtained a ghally. It would be rather fantastic! Just a wish..

  • Kobie

    A new ghost designs and very customizable armor and a bigger variety of shaders than current

  • wesley

    Trading armor matrials and armor and trade our characters

  • Dennis Popken

    Uhm, PC consoles?

  • Ordered Anarchy

    Customize a new ghost with interaction along the game play?

  • Dakota Baker

    I’d like a new looking ghost with a custom voice module

  • Korrupptted

    I get new things every tuesday im good with that and get a JOB nothing is free.. and if you arent old enough to get at job dont play RATED MATURE GAMES 🙂

    • Seanofthedead

      But…Is’nt Destiny rated T for teen?

    • David Galvan

      It’s rated T for teen idiot

  • Rinfernal

    That’ll be cool if they designed a sparrow that looks similar to teh ghost from halo, or a similar design of a chopper ^-^

  • gwking33

    What does permanent legendary status even mean? What does it entail?

  • Angel

    oh and let those special items be on all platforms… not just ps4, xbox one or so forth… I don’t think it’s fair to those of us that can’t afford to advance to next gen

  • Angel

    well for those of us that have been dedicated to the game but missed out on getting it early should be able to get legendary status as well… I have been playing since December 2014 only because I couldn’t afford to get the game before then…. something along the lines of what your doing for the other players would be nice

  • AnaMolly

    I will like that they give us the chance to choice an exotic weapon or at least exotic armor o bounties. Or open the reef completly to see whats there. Or a special new quest.

  • jordanlund

    You know what would be cool? 1 year ago we were playing a beta of Destiny, it was cool. Cool enough to get me to go “Shut up and take my money!”

    I’ve been playing for a year now. What would be appropriate? Allow those of us who took part in the beta to play the Taken King early, even for a few days. If it’s everything it’s cracked up to be the internet will be flooded with pics and video and everyone would be going crazy by 9/15.

    • Shad3y

      Good idea.

  • shadowfoe445

    I personally think that a special sparrow that is completely unique like the EV-30 TUMBLER would be nice. Or everybody should get a special weapon that is from the taken king dlc

  • MrBrettimus

    I think 1 free piece of exotic gear. Whether it be done by a free random exotic engram or an actual piece of gear. Another idea would be an exclusive bounty that can only be gotten on 07/07 that rewards a special piece of gear that cant be gotten any other way.

  • Matthew Lee

    Every player should get the chance to choose an exotic of their choice like the damous gally

  • Ian

    To open all the doors of the tower and reef or some queen’s armor

  • Calum Hayes

    what time are we getting these things ?

  • Darlingone

    A new ship or speeder would be good 🙂

  • Mike

    Permanent legendary status would be great, as I have played from day one, but any special DLC for free is also welcomed in Destiny.

    • William Maiuzzo

      Might be a shader or emblem but hey its all about the journey and experiences. Never have I been excited about a game like this one before!

    • MrBrettimus

      2 thing about the “permanent legendary status”. What is actually meant by this and what will it do? Secondly i bought destiny when it came out. But stopped playing for about 6 months due to work and only started back up a few weeks ago… am i still eligible?