Camp Google 2015 themes during holiday’s

The school holidays are fast approaching and so you will have the same issues on your hands, trying to keep your children busy, and worrying they might forget some of the more important aspects of their education. However, Google will have you covered for some of that time with Camp Google.

On July 13, 2015 Google will kick off its virtual education and will last several weeks, each of which will have a special theme. These themes are Ocean week, Space week, Nature week and Music week, all of which are free and available to watch and learn online.

Camp Google 2015 themes

With Ocean week you will get to dive and explore the deep blue sea thanks to National Geographic. Space week allows you to learn from a NASA astronaut, as he and the rest of the crew prepare for a future space launch.

Nature week allows you to discover the Earth’s natural wonders and how they were formed. And finally, Music week allows you get up close with a music artist and learn what makes good music.

Google says that you will learn and explore by doing, so getting hands-on; you will also get to collect cool badges during each week.

That is as much as Google will share for now, and so you will have to wait until July 13 when Google’s science camp kicks off.



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