Predator MKX DLC release time for PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Jul 6, 2015

As most of you will probably know, Tuesday July 7 is officially Predator day for Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack owners. With this in mind, we now look ahead to the potential Predator MKX DLC release time for PS4 and Xbox One.

On PS4 at least, it’s important to remind you that Sony recently gave some very good news for European PS4 and PS3 owners to say that PS Store updates will now come on a Tuesday rather than Wednesday.

So it means that Europeans can get Predator at the same time as US which is fantastic – no need to wait around which you would have to for Tanya and Jason.

The US PS store usually updates in the afternoon, we have seen it update from 3PM Pacific Time onwards, or 6PM Eastern Time. However updates have also arrived earlier in the past, so there doesn’t appear to be a set given time which some of you may find odd.


Unless NetherRealm states otherwise, we are assuming that the Predator Prey Pack release time for MKX will arrive along with the store updates, rather than a separate update.

Xbox owners meanwhile may get their Predator first. The Xbox Live Marketplace is usually updated early on a Tuesday morning, so if that is the case those on Xbox One may be downloading the Predator Prey DLC before PS users.

Hopefully we’ll get a clearer indication from either Ed Boon or NetherRealm on release times, but at least you have a heads up on when to expect the content.

Do you have your Season Pass ready for Predator? Don’t forget to check out his combos, X-ray, easter egg and both fatalities if you haven’t seen them yet – they are something to drool over.

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  • Fred

    Works for me. Seems that people have problems downloading after combat pack purchase. You might have to check ur downloads to ensure its up and running

  • James


  • j

    Still cant download predator on xbox hope its fixed soon

  • JSN

    Anyone with the Kombat Pack have any luck with Predator yet?

    • kevin hernandez

      Kombat pack I have it I can get preadeator today

  • Blade

    Well if this will be similar to Jason and Tanya’s release, I wouldn’t expect him to be available on PS4 (East Coast, U.S) until like 3:30/4:00 PM. Both Jason and Tanya were not available for me until around time on release day.

  • OG Uncle Bundee

    I thought it was just me, man!

    • Adam


  • martell pressley

    Ive had the kombat pack since day 1 and I havent had a problem until now that predator is here and I cant select him. It says available with kombat pack even tho I own the kombat pack

    • OnpointG3

      Same here, hopefully they will fix it sooner than later

  • Ramon Soto

    I have the kombat pack for mortal kombat x, but I can’t play as the predator

    • Lucas Bohannon Stokes

      What the hell is going on.