Live cricket score update with Sky Sports app

By Peter Chubb - Jul 5, 2015

People will be looking for the live cricket score update today on July 5, 2015, especially as the NatWest International T20 match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, as well as Bangladesh and South Africa are now playing. You can choose to look at the live cricket scores via the official ECB website, or use the Sky Sports update, which was recently updated for the iPad and iPhone.

When you first visit the website you can choose to look at the live scores of the latest cricket match being played, which can be seen at the top right-hand side. This is fine, although could be a little tough navigating with a smartphone, and so you might want to consider using the app.

Live IT20 cricket score update

We know there are several cricket apps dedicated to this, but most have not been updated in months, and thought it would be better to offer details on the Sky Sports app, seeing as though it was updated just three days ago.

One of the biggest updates is with the iPad version of this app, as it prepares for the 2015 Ashes series in a few days time. The latest feature is described as a second screen Ashes companion, allowing you to follow the action like never before.

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