4th of July sales and store open hours

After receiving requests for information on 4th of July sales, store open hours for Independence Day in USA, and particularly in regard to our readers asking is Costco open on July 4th? We thought a quick roundup of what stores we know will be open today for the popular United States holiday, especially if you want to get there early for the best 4th of July deals.

First up, there are no 4th of July hours for Costco due to this wholesale chain marking today, as one of the rare times they close. Costco point out they don’t open on Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving (just before Black Friday), Labor Day, Easter, and of course New Year’s Day.

4th of July sales for 2015 – Walmart will be open 24 hours, Walgreens 8am to 10pm, Target 8am to 11pm, Sears 10am to 6pm, Old Navy 10am to 9pm, Macy’s 9am to 7pm, Kmart and Kohl’s 8am to 9pm, JC Penney’s, Bass Pro Shop and Belk’s 10am to 9pm, Home Depot 6am to 8pm, hh gregg 9am to 10pm, Dick’s Sporting Goods 9am to 9:30pm, and finally Best Buy 10am to 7pm.


This is our small roundup for some of the main stores across the United States, although we would love to hear about any retailers we missed and their open times in the comments. Also, if you see any great sales for Independence Day, then detail these as well.

Most stores will be offering discounts on popular electronics and other items, so it’s best to head to your local store early to benefit from the best deals.



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