Xur selling Universal Remote for this week’s items

Xur has once again spawned in the tower Destiny fans. For those that are wondering where is Xur now, we have a heads-up for you and a confirmation what Xur is selling this week in his inventory.

Last week we had the Red Death and this week we can tell you it’s the Universal Remote exotic shotgun weapon. You’ll find Xur by the Hangar as you can see live on our Xur location on map checker.

Other items sold by Xur include the An Insurmountable Skullfort, Lucky Raspberry and the Apotheosis Veil. The inventory is not bad at all after a solid week 7 days ago so let us know what you intend to buy.


Earlier this week we spoke about the possibility of seeing Gjallarhorn, but once again Xur has left fans disappointed for another week.

Tell us if you see Xur right now and your thoughts on his inventory today – rate his appearance from 1-10 with 10 being highest, one being the worst!



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