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New Opera Mini browser improvements list

A new version of the Opera Mini web browser has launched for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and with it comes a few improvements and bug fixes. This is not a huge update; although I am sure users will take what they can. Each if these updates were released last month, and so more than enough time for you to offer a review based on your time spent with the browser, which we hope you will share with our readers below.

The mew Opera Mini browser improvements list differs for each platform, such as on Android, which now displays notifications from Facebook and can be configured from the setting menu. There have also been a few stability and usability improvements.

Opera Mini browser update

Next with have Opera Mini version 10.2.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. This update now includes Night Mode, allowing you to dim your display to reduce the brightness, perfect for using in the dark. Next you have the Bedtime option, which is another filter that reduces some of the blue that can often keep people awake.

For some reason the Windows Phone 8.1 does not list the new features, although we can tell you it is now version and has a download size of 3MB.



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